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Kitty Kat Kosmetics provides anti-aging solutions in plant extracts, natural vitamins, acids, oils, liposomes & minerals. Organic ingredients that work in harmony with your skin & body. Stimulating, detoxifying, & regenerating.


We work on the principle of prevention is better than the cure. It is about working with the skin, not against it. Everything we do has a cause and effect. We are concious of using ingredients that are 'Biomimetic' which means to imitate a bilogical function, our aim is to support the skins natural structure. Kitty Kat aims to mimic that which is already found in the skin by using products that cause the skin to mimic that of a young skin. The older you get the more important it is that you take care of your skin, the earlier the better. Your products should nourish & revive your skin, making it glow. It should work with the skin, giving the skin what it needs and not breaking it down. A gentle solution for better skin. Feeding the skin is just as important as feeding the skin, what you put in or on will determine what you get out of it.




We use advanced technology to formulate concentrated, nutrient rich, active and results driven products with powerful Organic Cosmeceutical, Nutraceutical & Bio-active ingredients which are harvested here within our very own beautiful Australian outback  and alongside our pristine coastal shores. We provide the skin with natural and nature-identical ingredients, that cleanse, hydrate, feeds and protects the skin.

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SkinCorrect Rx believes that effective skin care requires a holistic approach and combines the best of nature with scientifically proven ingredients.


Professional Strength formulated skincare range Made with a high concentration of medical strength skin loving ingredients that blends harmoniously with nature & does not compromise the integrity or health of your skin. Maintains high levels of hydration supporting a strong & healthy skin barrier.