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Kitty Kat Multi-Active Pigment Control 30ml

$60.00 (Coming soon)

Suitable For: All skin types / Pigmented Skins

Benefits: Natural brightening extracts to help bring back a youthful glow to the skin. Hydrates.

Key Ingredients

VEGETABLE MELANIN -  This ingredient has been isolated & purified from the brown fruit of the date palm. It is produced in the fruit by the enzyme Tyrosinase to protect it from solar radiation. It is a strong antioxidant and effective UV filter which helps protects against pigmentation.  Vegetable Melanin improves skin elasticity, provides an increase in skin brightness, greater skin hydration, and a decrease in redness and hyperpigmentation. There are seven natural compounds present in date palm working in synergy to improve overall skin appearance. This antioxidant powerhouse helps to improve barrier function, reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, and has skin regenerating properties. This means that it can target nearly every skin concern associated with aging.

JACKFRUIT - Jackfruit contains high amounts of natural Vitamin A to help protect & revitalize the skin. It also contain lignans, isoflavones & saponins (phytonutrients) which have anti-aging properties such as free-radical blockers to help prevent cell degeneration

PROBIOTIC PEPTIDE -  Probiotic Peptide derived from Lactobacillus helps to improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

MULBERRY - Mulberry, a huge source of Vitamin A, C and E, helps cleanse dead cells, fade dark spots, retain moisture & enhance collagen production. It’s a natural inhibitor of tyrosinase, an enzyme that triggers production of melanin (pigmentation).

LICORICE - Licorice helps in the fading of hyper-pigmentation & sun damage for all skin tones. It blocks melanin production to prevent the formation of hyper-pigmentation.

Directions For Use

After cleansing and toning apply a small amount to the palm of the hand and spread evenly over the skin.  Follow with a moisturiser. 

USAGE: Daily. Morning & Night.

Store in a cool dry place.

CAUTION: For external use only.  To ensure skin compatibility, test product on small patch of skin prior to use. In the unlikely case of a negative reaction discontinue use.  Store below 30 °C.

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