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Queen Of Referals



Wouldn't you love to receive as many $ worth of beauty services for FREE each year as you could get? 

Well here's how you can.


Every time you visit I will give you ten x $10.00 gift cards for you to give to your friends, family and work colleagues to encourage them to come & visit me. You can even complete the contact form below and I will send you out the cards!  That’s $100 worth of certificates for you to give away. Pretty generous huh! Every time one of these Queen Of Referral gift cards comes back to me I will immediately give you a $20 credit to use in the salon on any treatment your heart desires.


All you have to do is give out the certificates and as they come back you get FREE beauty services. If all ten come back you will have scored yourself $200 and then I will give you more! The amount of FREE beauty services you can enjoy is limitless!


What’s more each client that gets the most cards back will score an extra $50. I will then put your name up in lights, well on the website and in the newsletter making you my Queen Of Referrals!


So simply for handing out some Queen Of Referral cards to friends or family that have not visited me before (or not for at least six months anyway) you get $20, $50, $75 etc!


What could be simpler! So don’t deny yourself this great opportunity, get your cards and get out there and give, give, give away!


P.S. Each gift card has an expiry date on it so make sure when you hand them out you get your friends to book ASAP so you get $$$!

Ready, Set, Go….


Call NOW on 0406606936 or complete the form below and I will send you out your first ten cards!

Why is serenity giving away thousands of $$$$ worth of treatments FREE??

Would you like

a whopping $250

I know how much you love having your beauty done

at Kitty Kat's and this is why I need your help to grow my business.

Yours sincerely,


Katrina x


Worth of beauty services FREE?

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