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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the OxyGeneo™ oxygenate my skin?


OxyGeneo™ capitalizes on the Bohr Effect that was discovered by Christian Bohr in 1904. The effect indicates that when the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration increases, the hemoglobin releases oxygen from within. The OxyGeneo™ interaction between the capsule and the treatment gel creates abundance of CO2 on the skin that triggers the Bohr Effect that oxygenate the skin naturally. Oxygenating the skin is beneficial in all anti-aging and corrective skin procedures since it increases cell metabolism and makes the skin more receptive to the nutrients being infused into the skin.


How does the OxyGeneo™ feel?


An OxyGeneo™ treatment feels like a massage for the face. The exfoliation is described as very refreshing and comfortable and, because there is no vacuum procedure (like with microdermabrasion or dermal infusion machines) the overall treatment is more soothing and relaxing.  There may be a slight tingling sensation as the skin becomes more oxygenated but overall the procedure is very relaxing.


How does OxyGeneo™ compare to Microdermabrasion?


The OxyGeneo™ treatment differs from microdermabrasion in many ways:

- microdermabrasion is done "dry" vs OxyGeneo™ which adds the benefit of applying a nutrient-rich gel onto the skin.  We get added comfort and cleansing with OxyGeneo™ and the treatment gel is ALWAYS fresh since the product is vacuum sealed for single use only

- OxyGeneo™ does not require a vacuum suction thus decreasing the risk of dilating small capillaries on the face which can cause redness

- clients enjoy the gentle massaging feel of OxyGeneo™ and describe it as more comfortable than microdermabrasion


What should I expect to see and feel after the OxyGeneo™ treatment?


After the OxyGeneo™ treatment the skin looks brighter, fresher, and more even in skin tone.  Also, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, and even acne will continue to improve with a series of treatments.  The skin feels softer and smoother immediately. Your skin will be revitalized, renewed, and gorgeous after just one OxyGeneo treatment facial.


How frequent can I have an OxyGeneo™ treatment?


Depending on your skin condition and concerns, we may recommend more frequent treatments initially, perhaps one every other week.  After your skin is optimized, you can maintain your results with an OxyGeneo™ treatment once every 4-6 weeks.  We will set you up with a schedule that best suits your needs.


Can I have the OxyGeneo™ treatment to look better before an event?


Yes! The OxyGeneo™ treatment has no downtime and the skin looks and feels great right after the treatment. If you have an upcoming event, schedule your OxyGeneo™ treatment on the same day or a day before and the effect will be well visible during the event.


What are the active ingredients in the nutrient-rich gels?


The NeoBright™ gel contains azaleic acid, kojic acid, and retinol and is the recommended product for pigmentation, brown spots, and acne.


NeoBright lightens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of skin pigmentations and uneven skin tone.

~Azelaic acid = Even pigmentation –  Azelaic acid is a recognized agent for treating skin hyperpigmentation conditions decreasing the activity of pigment-producing cells.

~Kojic acid = Skin lightening – Kojic acid is a naturally occurring agent produced by fungi which inhibits melanin production. When combined with azelaic acid, there is a synergistic lightening and bleaching effect.

~Retinol = Anti-aging – A derivative of Vitamin A, retinol has been clinically proven to increase collagen and skin cell production. It is also known as one of the best anti-aging solutions.


The NeoRevive™ is packed with anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinol.  This product will rejuvenate your skin immediately for glowing, radiant skin and also helps to reduce pores.


NeoRevive revitalizes a dull complexion making the skin smooth and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

~Hyaluronic acid = Hyaluronic acid increases hydration and prevents moisture loss resulting in more supple skin and more volume, thereby reducing wrinkles

~Peptides = Skin Repair – Peptides are small protein fragments which strengthen the skin’s ability to retain fluids. Combined with hyaluronic acid, a synergetic effect of dermal repair is created

~Retinol = Collagen renewal – A derivative of vitamin A, retinol has been clinically proven to increase collagen and skin cell production and is regarded as one of the most effective anti-wrinkle solutions.


How Do I know if OxyGeneo™ Treatments are Right for Me?


OxyGeneo™ is a medical skin treatment utilizing active ingredients that can improve the quality of your skin.  You will be thoroughly assessed in a full consultation.  The OxyGeneo is tolerated by all skin types, ethnicities...even sensitive skin can greatly benefit.





+ Tripollar RF 5 in 1 Treatment + LED                                                              90mins   180

or Package of 6 x treatments pre-purchase = 900

(equates to only $150 per session!)

cleanse, oxygeneo exfoliation,intense vitamin serum infusion,

oxygenation, neomassage, tripollar RF skin tightening, LED.


3 in 1 FACIAL                                                                                                       60mins   130


or Package of 6 x treatments pre-purchase = $695

(equates to only $115 per session!)

Cleanse, oxygeneo exfoliation, oxygeneo infusion, neo massage, hydration. Cleanse, TriPollar RF tightening, hydration.


EXFOLIATION + OXYGENATION                                                                      45mins   110


or Package of 6 x treatments pre-purchase = $550

(equates to only $92 per session!)

Cleanse, Exfoliation, Infusion, Oxygenation, Mask, SPF


TriPollar RF SKIN TIGHTENING                                                                           30min   90


or Package of 6 x treatments pre-purchase = $450

(equates to only $75 per session!)

Cleanse, TriPollar RF tightening, Hydration. Treat skin laxity by

facial tightening, best suited for mild to moderate sagging of

facial tissues, usually those in their mid thirties to fifties.

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