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The Kitty Kat Science… Natural - Active - Effective


a balanced diet for your skin.

Kitty Kat Kosmetiks is a unique skincare range using energizing like minded and bio-compatible ingredients to cleanse, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. To work with the skin and not against it, to cleanse, balance, repair and protect each biological skin type.


Kitty Kat is based around all the fruits of nature. These skin loving ingredients are naturally metabolised to provide absorption of essential nutrients, proteins, vitamins and fatty acids.


Our products feature pure and bio-actives.


Kitty Kat products feature pure and natural bio-actives that are naturally metabolised to balance, repair and feed the skin at a deep cellular level. These ingredients provide a healthy botanical diet to nurture the full range of many skin types and conditions, while working harmoniously with the skin to achieve a beautiful balance.


No product or ingredient should inhibit the natural flow of oil or excretory process: rather, they should seek to regulate natural oil production, in order

to promote balance and strengthen the skin’s own natural defence systems.


Skin health is improved once the skin type is balanced. Oily skin glows without inflamed breakouts, dry skin hydrated and smooth while sensitive skin is strengthened without irritation.


The Life Force between a plant and a human is powerful and effective.  


Nurturing the compatability of these elements allows the ingredients in our products to work deeply within the skin, supplying valuable nutrients and supporting the natural protective and regenerative processes.


Kitty Kat products rely on compatable ingredients to absorb through the natural intercellular systems within the skin, this is acheived through the use of a skin friendly based delivery system, encouraging the skin to improve and maintain it's condition-food for the skin.


Kitty Kat niche products bridge the gap between a Cosmeceutical and that of nature resulting in our own natural Neutraceutical range. Concentrated and innovative formulas are made from powerful, nutrient rich and clinically researched ingredients.


                                        Did You Know This About Milia?


One of the main causes of milia is an improper balance of oil and water in the skin (not enough water) and the oil begins to crystallize into milia.  Use Hyaluronic Rehydrating Serum twice a day (morning and night) under moisturizer. It will begin to balance oil and water.  start using this serum twice a day for a month. After one month, have a facial; the milia should be much easier to extract.  After another month (total 8 weeks) you would see the milia resolving itself. WhooHoo!

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