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Hands & Feet

In 20 minutes, experience the difference, this simple four step process, starts with a Skin Softening patch that is wrapped around the affected area to soften the skin , a special scraper(no blade required)is then used to peel away the dead calluses away, followed by the third step to polish the remaining skin area.


The callus peel treatment is completed by applying the moisturising cream that is also available to take home to maintain the fantsatic results in between salon visits.


Book yours now and make sure your pedi has"a peel" as you get ready to step out for summer.


$35.00   35 - 45min


Add on Service $15.00

callus peel

Individual results will vary, depending on the condition of the feet.  & severity of the callus.

the dry manicure

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The Kitty Kat dry manicure method keeps nails stronger and polish lasting longer. Traditional manicures usually involve soaking the hands in a water solution to soften the skin, but this can weaken nails and cause polish to chip prematurely. All SERENITY manicures use a waterless manicure system that ensures a stronger nail bed as well as longer lasting polish.


Here's why. The human nail is made up of layers of scale-like cells. If the nail is soaked (water, solvents, detergents) it will act like a sponge and absorb up to twenty times its own weight in liquid. This causes the nail to expand and then contract as it dries out, loosening the bonds between the individual cells. As the cells loosen, they start to split apart and peel. If polish is applied to a nail that has been soaked with liquid, as the nail dries out and contracts, the polish will buckle and chip much faster.


We use a dry manicure method to keep nails at optimum strength and prolong the life of your polish - and use alternate methods to soften hands.

This exclusive Thermowax™ technology instantly heats paraffin to ideal working temperature in minutes, providing a hygienic, personal and disposable solution. With one pull of a tag, minerals and water blend to create an exothermic reaction, heating and melting the paraffin wax in the mitts and booties. Enriched with Vitamin E and a delicious peach scent, Caronlab Australia’s Self Heating Paraffin Wax is a luxurious treatment. Add this to your Callus Peel treatment for a Delux foot treatment.


Self-heats in minutes

Hygienic single use

No heater required

Quick, safe and easy

Vegan friendly