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Wax on wax off!!

what you need to do...

  • Be on time and ready for your treatment. Lateness can cause stress. Be ready by making sure you have the right amount of hair growth, four weeks out growth is recomended, about a quarter of an inch.


  • Trim your own hair! Some therapists dont mind trimming clients hair in the private region. But bear in mind that there will be either scissors or clippers down yonder..., one wrong move....ouch! I always have my clients trim themselves so they are ready for their waxing treatment. Otherwise, I will charge an additional and hefty fee for a "haircut."


  • Keep menstruation and waxing separate. If you are due or have your period you should NOT get your waxing done. In addition to the more obvious considerations, your pain sensation is higher considerably, especially in the private region. The first 10 days of your cycle is best when your  pain  threshold is slightly higher.


  • Ideally, there should be no caffeine, nicotine or sugar in your system at least two hours before. These heighten sensitivity. We know this is impossible for some! You can however take an antacid 10 - 20 minutes before your treatment, as this will reduce the amount of acid in the system, which will reduce the sensitivity.


What are the possible side effects of waxing and how can they be minimised? And Do I need to do anything after I've been waxed?


Most definitely. Post-wax care is important to prevent break-outs, ingrown hairs and other reactions. Although we cannot predict who may react, most clients do not experience reactions beyond redness and minor irritation. Please follow these guidelines to minimize irritation.


  • Avoid taking medications/lotions to help clear skin (e.g. Roaccutane or  


  • Avoid sun exposure immediately after waxing and please wear sunscreen. Recently waxed areas are prone to hyperpgimentation if exposed to the sun. Avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours after waxing.

  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms and other heated sources for at least 48 hours.

  • Do not use exfoliating products and loofahs for at least 24 hours as they may irritate the skin.

  • Regular exfoliation may be helpful to remove dead skin cells thus preventing ingrown hair.

  • Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation.

  • It is recommended to avoid using a bar soap on the waxed area as it leaves a film on the skin that may cause ingrown hairs.

  • Wash the waxed area with an anti-bacterial wash. I will recommend some products at the time of your appointment that you can buy from me or your local pharmacy.

  • Apply a moisturising body lotion or oil after showering every day. This has a soothing effect and will help soften the skin and aid in the prevention of ingrown hairs. A basic, non-fragranced moisturiser is all that's needed and some key ingredients to look for that I've discovered to be excellent for post-wax care include Vitamin E, Tea-Tree lotion, Lavender Oil & Aloe Vera. What works best for you is often very individual and can vary from one person to the next. Don't worry, I'll be happy to recommend something that is more suited to your skin type.

  • Avoid tight clothing on the waxed area as this may irritate the skin and also cause ingrown hairs.


Why Get Your Waxing Done At Kitty Kat's?


You will notice how clean my wax station is! Fresh sheet protectors are used for all waxing treatments, everything that is disposible is, to ensure you get new, not used and there is strictly No double dipping! We also use Sugaring Gel for large body areas, Cirepil & Brow Code Hot Wax for all waxing.























Brow Design inc Consult & Tinting


Lip or Chin

Lip & Chin


Brow & Lip or Chin

All 3

Full Face

1/2 Arm

3/4 Arm

Full Arm

Under Arm


1/2 Leg


3/4 Leg

Full Leg

Bikini Standard

Extended Bikini

Moderate reduction of the bikini line (sides only) and tidy of the underside

G String

Brazillian(first timers)

Brazilian Maintenance(4 Wks)

I regret that I cannot perform waxing on clients who are using Retin A, Accutane, Retinoic, Differin, or Acids, or Renova, as these thin the skin.

20637-1_n 579028_524371870923823_1342934417_n Brow Code cirepil

Add a Bikini, Extended Bikini, or G-String to any Leg Way $5 OFF!

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