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Find out why I am famous for facial treats. Having you slip under a soft warm weighted doona & fresh clean linen, while listening to relaxing music. I help you slip off to place of complete relaxation. Using a unique smorgasboard of products to create amazing treatments for your skin. In addition to powerful retail products I have professional salon only products to provide intense results. I have created a signature menu of tantalizing treats incorporating scrumptious spreads and toppings from the skincare menu.


Salon treats are performed by your trained and attentive therapist with love, care and understanding of individual needs and special requirements.


Professional consultation precedes the treatment and your personalised skincare ritual will be prescribed on completion. My promise to you is a unique experience which will leave you wanting more.


Good skin, like a good relationship, is the result of good habits practiced daily, over the long term.


Your salon treatments contribute 30% to your goal. The other 70% depends on your 'home work'. I.e. regular application of home care prescribed by your skin care professional.



Iontophoresis is a technique for introducing serums into the skin by mild electric current. Ions convey the electrical current as they enter the skin. The delivered dose depends on the current flowing and its duration.

This technique has been reported useful for the enhancement of transdermal delivery of ionized serums. The skin is a multi- layered organ delimiting the body. It is constituted of several layers and the outmost layer, stratum corneum, is the main barrier to serum transport. The application of electric current, however, is able to increase the penetration of molecules through this barrier.


Galvanic Iontophoresis can be used with:


Oil-controlling and acne complexes or serums

Age fighting and regenerating complexes and serums

Pigment-correcting complexes or serums

Hydrating and nourishing masques

Treatment moisturizers

Skin-firming complexes and serums


The main benefits and effects of Galvanic Iontophoresis include:


Tightening and firming of tissues

Constriction of follicles

Decrease in blood flow

Decrease in sensitivity

Reduction of edema and lymph stagnation

Oxygenation of cells

Calms and soothes the skin

Restores critical moisture

Regenerates the skin

Stimulates cell renewal and improves skin vitality









includes ampuole


FACE MASSAGE        $10



stand alone



with facial


ENZYME PEEL           $25

with facial

facial treats ...

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add on to any facial


TEEN CLEAN FACIAL ~                                              45 mins    48.00


Manual & Mechanical Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mask, Moisturise.


EXPRESS                                                                       30 mins    55.00


Exfoliates, evens out skin tone & Texture, brightens & lightens the skin making it visibly radiant, inc Mask & serum.


BESPOKE  SIGNATURE                                                                                            60 min    95.00


Customised facial to suit any skin type & condition. This relaxing, yet results driven facial incorporates Manual & Mechanical Cleansing, Enzyme, Mask & Lymph Drainage Massage. Serums, Moisturiser & Sunscreen.


ACNE CONGESTED SKIN                                                                                       80 mins  105.00


This treatment is designed for those who have a lot of clogging.  Our blackhead melting facial!


INFLAMMATORY ACNE + LED  + INFUSION                                                        80 mins  115.00


This treatment is designed for those who have adult hormonal acne or a lot of inflammatory lesions.  


BRIGHTENING TREATMENT + LED + INFUSION                                               80 mins   115.00


This treatment is designed for those who have uneven skin tone &



REDNESS RELIEF TREAMENT + LED + INFUSION                                            90 mins   120.00


This treatment is designed for those who have inflammatory skin conditions. Is designed to bring calmness to the skin & maximum hydration.


DERMAL LIFT FACIAL TREATMENT                                                                   90 mins   130.00



The Dermal Lift Facial treatment instantly gives radiance and lifts and tones the skin. LED, Microcurrent and infusion. Results are visible after 1 treatment, 6-10 treatments are recommended, spaced no longer than 14 days apart. Client must purchase full Rococco home care system (cleanser, treatment lotion, serum if required and treatment moisturiser).  


DERMAL LIFT                                                                                                            60 mins   95.00


The Dermal Lift Facial treatment instantly gives radiance and lifts and tones the skin.


COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY                                                                    60 mins   240.00


Needling Consultation redeemed on first treatment                                                          30.00


Medical skin needling is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation

treatment designed to improve the  appearance of lines and

wrinkles as well as any  type of scars.  

NB - Skin must be prepped two weeks before your treatment.


NANO INFUSION  Full Face                                                                                      60 min   $130


Infusion Stimulates circulation, visibly softens fine lines, improves hydration levels and helps control breakouts.  





ANTI-STRESS MASSAGE                                                                                         15 mins   20.00

SCALP OR FOOT  MASSAGE                                                                                                   15.00

INFUSION POWDERS                                                                                                               20.00

LED/PEEL                                                                                                                                   25.00

OxyGeneo EXFOL & OXYGEN/RF or ULTRASOUND                                                         60.00

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