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Find out why I am famous for facial treats. Having you slip under a soft warm weighted doona & fresh clean linen, while listening to relaxing music. I help you slip off to place of complete relaxation. Using a unique smorgasboard of products to create amazing treatments for your skin. In addition to powerful retail products I have professional salon only products to provide intense results. I have created a signature menu of tantalizing treats incorporating scrumptious spreads and toppings from the skincare menu.


Salon treats are performed by your trained and attentive therapist with love, care and understanding of individual needs and special requirements.


Professional consultation precedes the treatment and your personalised skincare ritual will be prescribed on completion. My promise to you is a unique experience which will leave you wanting more.


Good skin, like a good relationship, is the result of good habits practiced daily, over the long term.


Your salon treatments contribute 30% to your goal. The other 70% depends on your 'home work'. I.e. regular application of home care prescribed by your skin care professional.



Iontophoresis is a technique for introducing serums into the skin by mild electric current. Ions convey the electrical current as they enter the skin. The delivered dose depends on the current flowing and its duration.

This technique has been reported useful for the enhancement of transdermal delivery of ionized serums. The skin is a multi- layered organ delimiting the body. It is constituted of several layers and the outmost layer, stratum corneum, is the main barrier to serum transport. The application of electric current, however, is able to increase the penetration of molecules through this barrier.


Galvanic Iontophoresis can be used with:


~Oil-controlling and acne complexes or serums

~Age fighting and regenerating complexes and serums

~Pigment-correcting complexes or serums

~Hydrating and nourishing masques

~Treatment moisturizers

~Skin-firming complexes and serums


The main benefits and effects of Galvanic Iontophoresis include:


~Tightening and firming of tissues

~Constriction of follicles

~Decrease in blood flow

~Decrease in sensitivity

~Reduction of edema and lymph stagnation

~Oxygenation of cells

~Calms and soothes the skin

~Restores critical moisture

~Regenerates the skin

~Stimulates cell renewal and improves skin vitality










FACE MASSAGE         $10


ENZYME PEEL             $25


CELLUMA LED            $25            



SKIN CLINIC EXPRESS                                                                                         30 mins    55.00


Exfoliates, evens out skin tone & Texture, brightens & lightens the skin making it visibly radiant, inc Mask & serum.



BESPOKE SIGNATURE SPA                                                                                  60 min    95.00



Customised facial to suit any skin type & condition. This relaxing, yet results driven facial incorporates Manual & Mechanical Cleansing, Enzyme Exfoliation, Extractions if needed, Mask & Lymph Drainage Massage. Serums, Moisturiser & Sunscreen.



DERMAL LIFT  MICRO CURRENT                                                                        60 mins   95.00



The Dermal Lift Facial treatment instantly gives radiance and lifts and tones the skin.

Gym workout for your face muscles.







SIGNATURE BLACKHEAD MELTING TREATMENT                                             90 mins    110



This treatment is designed for those who have a lot of clogging. A thorough skin analysis needs to be done to check if the clogging is all over your skin and determine the causes of your breakouts.

Blackhead Melting Treatment is an intense deep clean to the skin that utilizes advanced electrical equipment to soften blackheads and melt microcomedones preventing breakouts from forming.  It helps calm lesions and bring down the appearance of inflammation in the skin.

LED light is used to shorten the healing time of acne lesions and stimulate the appearance of plump new cells, which helps to minimize the appearance of acne scarring. The LED light has a germicidal effect which can shorten the lifespan of C. acnes bacteria on the skin.



SIGNATURE INFLAMMATORY ACNE TREATMENT                             90 mins    110



This treatment is designed for those who suffer from hormonal breakouts and blind pimples to bring down the redness and infection in inflamed skins. A combination of exclusive skin purifying herbs are infused into the skin which help to soften impactions and allow for easier removal without causing damage or inflammation.  This professional treatment will help to dislodge congestion and help to reduce the number and severity of your breakouts whilst your skin is clearing.


LED light is used to shorten the healing time of acne lesions and encourage the appearance of plump new cells, which helps to minimize the appearance of acne scarring. The LED light has a germicidal effect which can shorten the lifespan of P. acnes bacteria on the skin and achieve clearer, healthier skin quickly.



REDNESS RELIEF TREATMENT                                                                              90 mins    120



Signature “Redness Relief Treatment” gives you immediate results in reducing facial redness and sensitivity, in ONE treatment!  Skin is refined and softened with the natural enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple to gently remove excess skin cells without irritating your delicate skin.

Significantly reduces redness and irritation with a combination of L-Lysine, Hyaluronic Acid and Soothing botanicals to boost skins repair activity and calm inflammation, infused with the use of ultrasound into your skin. For maximum skin penetration and immediate skin calming.


A new generation mask boosted with Pure Hydrating Algae, Nourishing Actives, Electrolyte technology.


LED Therapy helps to calm the appearance of inflammation and improves the appearance of the capillary network by visibly reducing the appearance of diffused redness.



AYERVEDIC BRIGHTENING TREATMENT                                                      90 mins    140.00



A professional brightening serum that rapidly decreases the appearance of pigmentation in the skin. Used in conjunction with Blue LED light it brightens and evens skin tone instantly.


The serum is designed to minimise and reduce the appearance of melasma.


A series of 4 treatments is recommended spaced weekly apart. Followed by monthly maintenance.

Daily application of Sunscreen is a must.



DERMAL LIFT FACIAL TREATMENT                                                  90 mins   150.00




Safe Natural Skin Rejuvenation for Ageing

Do you want to feel absolutely ecstatic about your skin in 3-4 months?  


This treatment combines 3 advanced technologies to rejuvenate the skin.


Recommended number of treatments is 8-10, spaced no more than fortnightly.

When the treatments are spaced further apart you lose the effectiveness of the toning component of the treatment.


Benefits of the Dermal Lift Treatment:

•Jowls Appear to be Lifted

•Eliminates the Look of Dark Under Eye Bags and Puffiness

•Lifts the Appearance of the Eye Lid Eradicating Droopy Eye

•Stimulates the appearance of Plumping of the Skin

•Evens the overall appearance of Skin Tone

•Volumizes the Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles due to the decrease of Collagen and Elastin as we age

•Calms and Soothes the Appearance of Inflamed Skin


Who is this recommended for?

Customers who are showing signs of ageing.


Individual results may vary, because everyone’s skin is in a different condition to start with. The more progressed your ageing is, the greater the damage to the skin.  Therefore, you may require more treatments over a longer period to help reverse the signs of ageing.


You will need to use the recommended home care as advised by your Aesthetician to achieve maximum visible results.  






Enzyme peels are the mildest of peels and are derived from natural sources. The advantages with these peels are they work in the least aggressive manner and have the potential to address effectively many skin abnormalities of superficial nature. People with sensitive skin find these peels very tollerable.


The way enzyme peels work vary from enzyme to enzyme, but most of them carry many identical properties. Some enzymes affect the dead and dry skin cells, while some affect both the living and dead cells, and so on, as each group has its own way of acting on the skin. You have to find which one suits your condition more and how well you can benefit from its treatment.


Benefits of Enzyme Peels:


The peels effectively stimulates the natural biochemical processes in the skin, clears clogged pores, removes dead skin cells, and restores microcirculation in the capillaries. The glow and healthy look of the skin return since the dead cells are safely exfoliated.


The advantages of using enzyme peels are many. No doubt, all such benefits aren’t alien to other chemical peels, but the way you get these benefits from enzyme peels, will be much different and satisfying. You get the least side effects like irritation, allergic reactions, etc.


Purifying - they help to clear & release blockages, assisting more normal pore function and helping to prevent milia, blackheads and blemishes

Rejuvenating - they can stimulate cell renewal and collagen production

Resurfacing - they improve skin tone and texture by removing the build up of dead and damaged skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Anti ageing - they minimise the appearance of fine lines, signs of sun damage, eradicate dullness and make the skin look fresher and more youthful

Brightening - potent antioxidants from the fruits have a nourishing, protecting & brightening effect on the skin

Enhancing - the receptivity of the skin to actives subsequently applied is enhanced so there is better absorption of the actives into the deeper layers of the epidermis


The peels are considered safe for almost all types of the skins. People with sensitive skin go very well with this type of peeling treatment. The peels don’t usually produce any intolerable reactions. Furthermore, most of the enzyme peels have no downtime.



Buy 5 of any facial treatments and recive your